How you can help

While modern day NGO operations can span geographies, governments and incredibly diverse cultures, a single person’s contribution can mean a lot. No matter how much you can donate, you can definitely make a difference. All you need to consider is the amount of skill, time, and investment you are willing to make. Every minute counts when you are helping your fellow man, woman and child.

1. Start a career with us

No matter what your skill set or background is, you can contribute to us in some way or the other. Working with us gives you an incredibly rare opportunity of turning your vision of social justice into an actual strategy for change. Unlike a corporate setup, you’re not driven by short-term targets, but big picture thinking.

2. Become a grassroots volunteer

The engine of any NGO’s functioning is its grassroots volunteers who live by a noble idea of service before self. This role will see you live and work with other like-minded people driven by this passion and sincerity.

4. Freelance with us

If you can’t join us, you can still contribute your skills in a professional capacity in your free time, as a freelancer. You’ll have deliverable goals, including fundraising targets, providing aid and relevant skills like IT and logistics, etc.

5. Campaign for us

Ordinary folks are the groundswell of NGO support, and social media allows anyone to reach millions about our work, causes, fundraising targets and more. Campaigns educate and involve stakeholders for our goals, targets, and issues they’re attempting to create awareness for. These campaigns are often ‘shareable’ on social media via dedicated, prominently advertised hash tags and online activities, making participation easy and fast.